The Best Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Home made pizza is a winner for young and old and we’ve certainly noticed with our clients, that families are keen to create more traditions - like Friday family pizza nights - that bring family and friends together for a regular, casual catch up. And there's something about cooking with a wood fired pizza oven that makes these occasions special.

The high heat of a wood fired pizza oven (up to 350-500 degrees Celsius, 660-930 degrees Fahrenheit) helps produce unique flavours, with toppings like fresh vegetables and seafood all taking a short time to cook (which also retains the nutrients). Plus, a pizza oven is often far more versatile than the name implies. It can be used to achieve perfectly seared steaks, roasted fish with extra-crispy skin, flavour-packed veggies, sourdough and focaccia and more.

Another interesting little tidbit is that a study found properties with a “pizza oven” in their for sale listing helped sellers cook up a 26 percent premium in their sale price. A nice bit of extra dough.

Let’s have a look at some of the brands we love and recommend and get in touch if we can help you plan a pizza oven in your backyard.

Outdoor wood fired pizza oven with freshly made pizza and tomato sauce
We've got a wood-burning pizza oven in the garden—a luxury, I know, but it's one of the best investments I've ever made.Gwyneth Paltrow

Italian inspired, Australian made. By no means a new player in the marketplace, Polito has been producing quality wood fire ovens since 1988. They offer a range of ready-made ovens as well as DIY options.

Our pick from Polito is their Giotto pizza oven with its slick and contemporary look suiting many of the modern landscapes and outdoor kitchens we design. We love the range of colours available and the all-weather durability.

Explore the Giotto here.

For a more traditional looking oven (and one you'll see everywhere in this season of The Block (treechange), check out Politio's Donatello II. It comes pre-assembled and is suitable for use on an outdoor bench (or can be set up with the optional stand if you're looking for something more portable).

The flue and arch are available in a range of colours so you can seamlessly integrate your oven into your existing decor.

Explore the Donatello II here.

Polito Wood Fired Oven in garden next to Cosh Living table and chairs
Image: Torquay Project. Photography: Erik Holt
Mint Design: Pizza Oven incorporated into the outdoor kitchen
Mint Design: Pizza oven incorporated into the outdoor kitchen
Outdoor firepit bit polito for The Block Gisborne treechange with lemon trees in pots
Polito Pizza Oven spotted at The Block 2022 / House 4
Image: The Woodfired Co Calabrese 800
Image: The Woodfired Co
The Miguel Maestre inspired "Maestre Wood fired Oven"
Image: Williamstown Beach Project. Photography: Daniel Corden

The Woodfire Co
The Woodfire Co are a family-run business who supply Australian made wood fired pizza ovens, fire bricks and accessories.

Their Maestre wood fired oven was made in conjunction with renowned chef Miguel Maestro and has a two-pizza capacity and a cooking performance time of 90 seconds.

Meanwhile, their Calabrese Entertainer Neo has the capacity to cook 5 pizzas at a time, has a modern front design and comes with a built-in smoke gather. Available as a simple DIY kit which includes detailed instructions.

There's lots to choose from in The Woodfire Co range, from their pre-cast pizza ovens to their brick ovens, which use fire bricks that are 1500 degree rated that will never break down over time.

Explore their range and specs further here.

Now is a great time to be shopping around for the pizza oven that best matches for your needs and we hope these recommendations come in handy. Any other brands you'd suggest? We'd love to hear >>

Blairgowries outdoor kitchen featuring wood fired pizza oven
Mint Design: Blairgowrie Project