‘Aurum’ (the Latin meaning for gold) is an exploration of form, materials, texture, pattern and colour in the landscape. Much like the modern Hollywood style, Aurum is unashamedly hedonistic and glamorous yet grounded in nature.

The design weaves elements of modernist and art deco philosophy together and reinterprets them using contemporary design principles. The fresh colour palette brings aesthetics to the fore in a design that is climate conscious and people-centric.

Where contemporary design in Melbourne has sought to separate architectural form and nature into disparate ideals, Aurum demonstrates how the two entities can sit comfortably together.

Aurum consists of a series of spaces that flow cohesively without a social hierarchy. It is a garden to be used casually, a space to relax and enjoy, and to create memories.

Like all art, Aurum is an exploration of balance within the landscape; bold versus delicate, man-made and natural. The result is an elegant resolution, a garden that flows in a cohesive narrative,

Melbourne Interantaional Flower & Garden Show 2021 exhibition garden. Aurum full of drought tolerant plants
View from the top. Plan view of exhibition garden for MIFGS
Luxurious poolside lounge area with gold tile pool
Custom dining area with floating wine cooler and brick pavers
Gold pool  with walkway
Daybeds and champagne with hat

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