Creating the Modern Hamptons Garden

It’s easy to see why the Hamptons-look appeals to our Australian outdoor lifestyle and love of entertaining.

The Hamptons is the home of the original summer house, with stunning beaches, dramatic dunes and shingled windmills setting a picturesque scene. Known as the playground of New Yorkers, families enjoy a sun-soaked summer filled with swimming, parties and entertaining. Sounds great, right?

The classic Hamptons style is elegant, manicured and has timeless appeal but, just as our architectural trends have progressed, so too has our interpretation of the modern Hamptons garden.

Hamptons arbour pergola near pool
We’ve made over the clichéd classic Hampton’s style and turned it into a 'contemporary Hamptons style for modern Melbourne families.Darin Bradbury, Director - Mint Landscape Design
Garden entrance Hamptons
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The Contemporary Hamptons style remains as simple and classy as the classic, with features such as a modern take on pergolas and plenty of greenery but not as clean cut as you’d expect.

"The Hampton's style is ubiquitous. The important thing is to avoid the expected and push the style to new places while remaining high-end and simple."

With every client having a different scope, budget and brief, there are elements from the Contemporary Hampton’s style that can be tailored to achieve a unique, modern classic look for most landscapes.

“We take our pool and landscape design lead from the architecture, and with so many renovations blending existing older structures with modern extensions, a contemporary classic garden is often the answer to tie it all together.”Darin Bradbury, Director - Mint Design
Hamptons look pool and landscaping
Three Birds Renovations

So how can you create a modern Hamptons garden in your backyard? Here’s six style tips to consider:

1. Keep your garden structured – Think clipped forms and mass planting. Limit the plant palette and keep it simple.

2. Use relaxed flourishes in the detailing to provide that casual beachside feel. Think baskets or old wash tubs for pots, classically styled copper spouts for water features.

3. To modernise the style simply remove the detailing from items such as timber pergolas and arbors - square up all the corners and edges.

4. You can’t go wrong with whites and greys. It’s the hallmark of the Hamptons style that gives you that fresh, contemporary and timeless look.

5. The Hamptons look is all about a high-end, classy feel with a relaxed coastal vibe. Allow natural timber elements in decks and screens to grey off naturally in the sun.

6. Choose large format pavers for a look that is not just sophisticated but also low maintenance.

Have fun and don’t go halfway. Don’t be scared to take the above tips and use them as much as you can.

Hamptons style pool and garden Pergola over pool Hamptons Garden Strathmore Melbourne Landscape Design
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Hamptons exterior and outdoor lounge Pergola over pool Hamptons Garden Melbourne Landscape Design
Hamptons pergola and outdoor dining area near pool Melbourne Landscape Design
Pergola over pool Hamptons Garden Williamstown Melbourne Landscape Design