Breathtaking outdoor showers

Outdoor showers can seem like the quite luxury item – something you might expect at a beach house or a private villa in an international resort?

The truth is that outdoor showers are becoming increasingly popular and far more affordable than you might realise - it all comes down to how simple or complex you want your shower to be. You can purchase stunning contemporary outdoor shower kits off-the-shelf or, for a classic coastal look, get your plumber to install a simple copper shower head.

From rustic to contemporary, extravagant to minimalist, our showcase of breathtaking outdoor showers will leave you inspired and pondering what’s possible in your own backyard.

Outdoor shower against white wall
Image: Three Birds Renovations
Outdoor shower surrounded by greenery in williamstown
Image: Mint Pool and Landscape Design
Unique features like outdoor showers add a feeling of endless summer holidays to a landscape. What’s more, they can dramatically increase the value of your home. According to a US report from*, homes with outdoor showers tend to list for nearly double the asking price of other homes. The report states that homes with the outside bathing areas saw a 97% price-per-square-foot premium. With summer here, now is the perfect time to discover the benefits of having an outdoor shower.Darin Bradbury, Director, Mint Pool and Landscape Design
Poolside outdoor shower in Essendon
Image: Mint Pool and Landscape Design
Outdoor shower with wooden battens and bench seat in Melbourne
Image: Shannon McGrath. Design: Robson Rak
Woman showering outdoors surrounded by tropical plants
Image: Janni Deler
Brass outdoor shower with stone cladding in Strathmore Melbourne landscape design
Image: Kyal and Kara. Design: Mon Palmer

Not only can an outdoor shower make an impressive resort-style statement, it's also perfect for washing off the salt, chlorine and sand, bathing your pets, rinsing off pool gear or surfboards, or even showering under the stars.

Feeling inspired by this gallery of beautiful outdoor showers? Here's our top tips and advice:

1. Plumbing check in with your plumber if you have access to hot and cold water to the location where you want your shower

2. Position consider proximity to your needs (is it to rinse off after a swim or do you need a private location for bathing)

3. Drainage most hot-water outlets will need to be connected to the sewer whereas cold water showers can run off into your garden or storm water

4. Plantings really add to the beauty of an outdoor shower but you want to ensure they'll thrive too. Consider palms, bamboo and other lush plants like strelitzias.

5. Invest in good quality shower heads and taps as they're the most prominent feature

If you have any outdoor shower questions, we'd love to hear from you.

* report

Pink tiled outdoor shower
Image: Bali Interiors
Outdoor shower black and white tile pattern
Image: Pinterest
Brass outdoor shower
Image: Slightly Garden Obsessed by Mon Palmer
Outdoor shower green fish scale tile
Image: Pinterest
Outdoor shower arch and pebble tile
Stone clad wall outdoor shower
Image: Slightly Garden Obsessed by Mon Palmer
Tropical poolside outdoor shower Strathmore
Image: Casa Palma Bali by @the.virtualstudio